Nampa greenhurst pet salon - Paycheck fraud


I had worked for Annie's pet salon in nampa Idaho since February 2013.The paperwork said we are to be paid every week.

As of may I've gotten four checks which one was bad... We had no choice but to stop working for Annie because we never got our paychecks. When I filed a claim with the dept of labor Annie the owner of the salon told them she would only pay me for two days. Other employees are going threw this aswell.

Poeple who get help from CATCH a program that helps those with drug issues should work extra hard to pay those they employee.

Just remember that when you take your dog there to be bathed and groomed the poeple that are actually soon the work are not being paid.Annie has no right to be in business.

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Interesting to come across this.Annie also stiffed me for nearly $1000 in grooming commissions and tips.

I tried to take her to small claims, but she disappeared and blocked me on Facebook. I did find her and paid the sheriff to serve her with papers, 3 days later when he showed up they claimed she didn't work there anymore. She's a fraud, dishonest, a crook.

We all have problems Annie!Own up to yours!

Nampa, Idaho, United States #692707

When I " volunteered "( never for my checks) at Annie's pet salon . The owner/ groomer told the owner of two

Small dogs which had came back three days in a row that the two dogs had worms... It was a huge lie. The owner went to the vet and spent a lot of $$ on meds and he was very upset. Many times she would pack the dogs in and some wouldn't even really have a bath. Annie goes our of her way to tell the dogs owners that there pets are taken out and givin water. The dogs are never taken out.. I have also witnessed Annie commit insurance fraud, check fraud and not pay employees for months and some of the most hardest workers never got a check . This complaint is for the justice of

The 5 employees that never got there paychecks just many bad checks


Mountain West Bank.. And this goes

Out the the owners that have had there dog under Annie's care while she is always under the influence . Remember ... The person that bathed , brushed , dried , the cashier, that person never received 1$ . That's 15% each dog and $8 am hour for more

Than 40 hours a week that many of Annie's employees where never paid for. That's around $3000. Plus the bad check


She never was accountable for. Luckily one good thing came out of this... The employees got together and learned a lesion and many friendships were made. And some have started a grooming business themselves and there work is HONEST. We hope that Annie bounds ( terry...

And turn herself into rehab

And invest in cleaning products so the next time the state comes to her home they won't say the living conditions are unsanitary for children.

Annie the owner/ groomer got the opportunity to have a grooming business threw catch . This behavior and bad business is a slap on there face. There are many great groomers in nampa. Pet paradise on 12tj is honest grooming.

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